Sanjyot Chatwani

Creator of  Stillness Power®

“Soul can be neither created nor destroyed, it takes only different forms. So take the time to honor the indestructible and get to know it when you can” -Sanjyot

Sanjyot is a certified yoga instructor with specialized expertise in Breath Control, Meditation & Stress Management practices. She has over 500 hours of teaching experience and has been teaching since early 2011. She was first introduced to this discipline by her father at age 12 and then later formally when she was 18 years old.  It was only after she became a mother of twins she completed her yoga certification. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge in this field as she continues her own higher learning of these critical areas. Born with an inherently positive attitude she paused her hi-tech career with a conscious decision to raise her twin boys. She describes this period very physically and mentally challenging but of great personal growth. Sanjyot’s own scientific curiosity along with a family and friends circle of medical practitioners led her to seek scientific as well as practical healing methods to complement conventional medicine. She realizes that only inner peace and realisation of the Self brings Bliss, Power, Knowledge and Ultimate Freedom that aids renewal and healing. She tries to seek that through daily faithful Meditation practices. She continues to share her humble Knowledge/Learning of  Meditation with the community with great enthusiasm and energy with a single hope of spreading peace, tranquility and overall sense of well-being. One of her greatest skills is her ability to connect with people regardless of their background. She says this skill especially comes handy when she teaches children, who are initially sent to her classroom not by their own personal choice but rather parents who believe in the practice. In her class no matter what program is delivered, she primarily focuses on Postures, Kriyas, Pranayama and Meditation, which have been also thoughtfully tailored for children as well. She has had the privilege of attending seminar at the Benson Henry Institute and meeting with Dr Herbert Benson, MD, pioneer in establishing mind/body connection through years of continued research. This only affirms Sanjyot’s strong belief that Yoga, Meditation is indeed a crucial type of therapy for continual improvement and management of all stress related ailments;  But for still the very skeptics she says with a striking smile that the “Proof is in the Practice!”

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