Dr Guddetti, NH

It was only after I started Yoga with Sanjyot that I realized how wonderfully stimulating it can be. Sanjyot is very enthusiastic, fun and extremely committed. I always come out of the class relaxed and at the same time feeling strong. I now have the confidence to recommend yoga to my patients who suffer from chronic illnesses knowing that they would benefit greatly from the exercises and more importantly from the breathing exercises.

~PG, Endocrinologist, NH

Yes, Dr, coming from you it sounds like a prescription!!! I am glad you mention fun and enthusiasm also part of the practice, since I believe they stem from LOVE for it and they come from a higher place. Especially in the context of the meditation which is part of the practice, HUMOR is a SERIOUS business at Stillness Power!!! I am a BIG BELIEVER OF NATURAL LAUGHTER being part of the BREATH WORK!!! Thank you so much for taking the time from your very busy professional and personal for a great feedback!!! Appreciate it!! ~Sanjyot Lupo

Cindylee, Littleton, MA

When I talk to people about yoga, I am surprised that they don’t have the same experience that I do. They talk about the stretching and working their bodies, yet my yoga with Stillness Power extends to my mind and inner health. It is different, but I don’t know “what kind” it is when they ask. They ask because they are missing what I get. I am blessed with a teacher that explains how each move influences your body and how our minds also play a part in what happens to our body. We talk about the “Highest spirit”, God, whom ever you can thank daily for our experiences. We delve into our health and what moves we can do to eliminate the problem. Sometimes it is explained as messaging an organ to help eliminate the toxins. We eliminate the negative energy in our minds too! Getting rid of daily stress is so important,
Stillness Power incorporates the entire package! My stretching has stopped my aches and pains; detoxifying my organs has given me the power of positive thoughts, combined with my overall health it has truly saved me from depression symptoms and others in my family. Being taught how to focus your mind and also why it is so critical to being on the Spiritual Path, the whole is an incredible experience. It works!

Now if I could only trick my kids into trying it…. Thank you, Stillness Power! Cindylee

Thank you so much for sharing!!! Yes, Stillness Power yoga does work 🙂, especially because you have been Faithfully, Devotionally and with great Discipline PRACTICING IT 🙂. I emphasize as always “The PROOF is in the PRACTICE.” Also for a TEACHER it’s a great JOY when the KNOWLEDGE shared is HELPING. As much as I am GRATEFUL for WHAT I can SHARE, I am equally GRATEFUL if not more to have a RECIPIENT Both being DIVINE gifts and hence I am sure the whole process is mutually healing. Thank you again!!! ~Sanjyot Lupo

Julie, Billerica,MA

Yoga seems such a weak term for these classes! Yes you move your body and break a sweat and find your limitations (and are repeatedly -thankfully- encouraged to honor and be gentle with those limitations). But this process of being lead to going deep within yourself to hear your own body’s wisdom, find peacefulness, release negativity and open up to healing, and to discover new, deeper and more functionally effective ways of breathing- these aspects are quite unique from any other yoga, exercise or meditation classes I have taken. Throw in a little belly dancing and the resulting recipe is a nurturing, healing, life-extending and expanding experience I would highly recommend to anyone of any ability.I started out classes with severe inflammation in my knees and pelvis, they were pretty immobile. I felt nothing but praise and encouragement to do the classes in a chair until the effect of the movement and breathing slowly enabled me to do more and more of the work on the yoga mat. Every week the problems in my joints as well as the ones in my head seemed to lighten up more. Each class is a high point for me to look forward to. I am very gratefull and blessed to have these classes at this very highly stressful time of my life. They are a Godsend. Thank you Sanjyot!

Thank you, Julie! I heal too, when you and others heal…what more can I say? It is truly a privilege to be teaching this Practice. ~Sanjyot

 Ann, Groton, MA

Sanjyot, Your class has helped me go from a depressed state due to muscle injuries to a blissful state. Attending your classes, doing the breathing and movements have helped me get to a a better place in my life. Every week I look forward to the class. It is a pleasure to have you as my teacher and friend. Love,

Thank you, Ann! Pleasure is mine. It is all starts with the right breathing, hence “Breath to be Ailve, Breathe to have Bliss!” Practice with dedication and discipline, results follow. See you soon in the class. ~Sanjyot

Doris landry Townsend, MA

Great Class last night, thank you. its so great to learn how to actually relax and let go of all of life’s issues , clear your mind (even just for a little bit). I did not realize how tight strung i was…. Having my share of Medical problems (cancer survivor) & weight issues i tend to shy away from a lot of classes. when i went to my first shine on class i was very impressed as i loved the mixture of yoga,breathing,streching, concentration and bliss. i am learning to relax and do things that help my body. I feel great whenever i leave my shine on class. Sanjyot’s positive energy helps keep me inspired to do better each week.

Doris. Casella Landry, in today’s world I think we all need a Practice like the one offered by Stillness Power. A practice that quietens mind, only when we let go. As you are learning in the class indeed there are practical proven techniques that allows one to let go…See you in the class soon and thank you for sharing, hank you for sharing, Doris!. I am truly happy to make a positive impact on people’s health and life; it is my privilege to teach this Practice.

Aparna, NH

Thanks Sanjyot!! For bringing Yoga, peace and tranquility into our lifes. After your class I feel rejuvenated and my body can really feel the difference.
Thanks for your push and dedication which motivates us to take the time from our busy schedule to do yoga. ~Aparna, NH

You are welcome!!! Thank you for the kind words. Sharing the practice is equally rejuvenating :)!!!. Yes, the key is dedication/devotion if you may will to reap the benefits of the practice; it is the very same reason why students like you stick to it, in spite busy lives :)!!! It’s ALL GOODNeSS. See you soon!!

~Sanjyot Lupo

Jeff Cao Acton, MA

I think the classes are great. I want to see the prayers written out in Sanskrit. Also, I was wondering if you could tell me the titles of the music you played in the classes, Sanjyot. Many thanks.  ~Jeff

Thank you, Jeff!!! You have picked up the prayers without them being written. It’s is amazing!!! You have made such a tremendous progress; it is exemplary. A friend helped me put it together a long time ago. I know some of them. next class I will give it to you. See u then. You are very welcome. ~Sanjyot Lupo

Jyothi. A,  Nashua, NH

Thanks Sanjyot for making me feel good about myself ,It has positive influence on my body and mind .I’ve been to yoga before ,but practicing yoga with you made me listen to my body and learn to let go which improved my sleep. It has definetly improved my quality of life.Thank you again !!!
Thank you for the feedback, Jyothi. Yes, feeling good about oneself happens, when you get in touch with yourself and meditation is a means to do so 🙂. The positive energy is a direct byproduct of getting in touch with the Stillness (Experienced during Meditation) within. So, as much as I guide you through the practice it is you who is in touch with this LIGHT, if you may will. of course, this as we know and based on research has positive impact not just on your thinking/perspective, but also your body. Hence, you have been experiencing overall improvement in your well-being. Thank you again. See you next week. Peace~, Sanjyot

Dennis, Westford, MA

Sanjyot, I have never before experienced such a peaceful and healthy feeling as I do in your class. Your approach to yoga, breath, and meditation has profoundly affected my practice. Thank you for your sincere dedication to your practice and for sharing your amazing skills. I look forward with pleasure each week to the time I spend with you in your classes and always come away filled with blissful, healing energy. Thank you!
Dennis, Westford, MA

Thank you, Dennis. Privilege and pleasure is mine to have you in the class! I am truly pleased to know that you get what the Practice is known to accomplish. Also I believe that enthusiam, sincerity, dedication are some of the critical elements necessary for any service or work delivered. So thank you again for your feedback! ~Sanjyot Lupo

Pushpa, Nashua, NH

Thank you so much for introducing Yoga in my life. When I first heard about Stillness power Yoga classes, I was little skeptical as I didn’t want to aggravate the pains I used to have in my knees. I never knew its going to help me so much. My arthritic knees are much better thanks to Stillness Power!!

Yoga is fun with you. I enjoy the classes and I hope to continue this. -Pushpa
You are very welcome. Truly privilege and pleasure is mine to share this practice. There, you said it; most people are skeptical at the beginning and hence they either delay joining the practice or don’t start at all. Unless you try it, you will never find out like anything else in life. That being said, your knees are better because the practice addresses the core issues or prana imbalancesl. Hence the overall well-being is experienced, improving other issues whatever they may be. Thank you for taking the time for feedback, really appreciate it!!! See you next week. ~Sanjyot

Senthil R. Nashua,  NH

I think there has been enough said about the importance of fitness in general and even about the yoga. I read somewhere that many people think that yoga is just stretching. Although yoga involves stretching your muscles, it helps your physical and mental fitness as well. Yoga techniques can also be used to improve your spirituality, if you’re interested.

If you believe in yoga like I do, it is important to learn it more efficiently. As of Spring-2013, if you search on a popular online retailer website, there are well over 100,000 yoga related items and more than 4,000 yoga related books and the numbers are going to increase. If you have a lot of time and resources, you can educate yourself and improve your knowledge via these modes. But, the better approach is to learn yoga from an expert yoga instructor, like Ms. Sanjyot, and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule!!! You have been definitely very sincere and disciplined about attending my classes for now a year. Also, really appreciate endorsing my expertise and I did not pay you for this…hahaha!. Thank you again, Senthil. See you next week.

Samantha,  Nashua, NH

Thank you for always being a positive influence and insightful mentor in my life. You shine a light wherever you go. I always remember what you shared and taught me. I hope you enjoy the Harp CD. It also plays Rainfall in some of the tracks -very soothing music. I hope you find it useful & that some of your students may enjoy it. I hope to see you soon. KEEP SHINING ON. Love, Samantha

Thank you for your kind words, Samantha!. Only a medium here and truly, the Divine does the work. Hoping to see you soon too. Thank you for the beautiful CD. I love it!!! Love, Sanjyot

Latha Nashua, NH

First of all thank you so much for your dedication ,discipline and commitment to teaching yoga to us!!
After starting yoga with you , i have seen drastic changes in my life both physically and mentally. I remember my first class where I was not able to do surya namaakar properly because of my arthritis knee pains. Now I can not believe that I am able to follow your pace, Sanjyot!!! 🙂

Thanks a lot for your help again and I greatly appreciate it!!’


Dear Latha, you are very welcomed!!! I am glad to hear from you the progress you have made just like my other students. You are right, positive changes are mental and physical. Latha, dedication, discipline and commitment comes to me for I love what I do and am hoping to spread the same amongst others; keep up with the same qualities in your practice as well :)!!!! Thank you for your feedback and kind words. ~Peace and Love, Sanjyot

Seema, Mumbai India

Your words touch and talk to my soul. Thank you so much, Seema! Grateful to have you in my life. Love and peace to you and your family always. God bless!

Birinder, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much, Birinder! Appreciate your kind words. Truly thoughts are everything and hence I practice and share techniques that control thoughts and hence they help in the healing process allowing us to live a healthy life. ~Sanjyot Lupo

Gee, MA

Your Yoga classes have given me inner peace & a better feeling body. I love the stretching…although it feels gentle, I have increased the amount I can bend…I can now touch the floor …not just ankles !! My energy level has also increased. Several times I have tried to learn how to meditate on my own, and failed. You have shown me how to get rid of stress via negative vs. positive breathing and thinking. I felt immediate results and saw my body change within 4 weeks. I will continue coming to your Westford class because I enjoy it. My joints no longer ache ! Thanks ! ~

Thank you for sharing your experience for the feedback truly helps spreading of such sacred healing practice as you know. The practice helps us to access the Source, the Peace, the natural state of our True being and hence healing happens. Thank you again and see you in the next class. ~Sanjyot

Doug, New York.

I  look forward to our weekly get togethers. The breathing, relaxing and stretching techniques learned and practiced are important parts of my personal life long health plan and give perspective to living life—-Doug

Doug, I look forward to the classes as much as you and my other students do!!! Will sure miss you both when you relocate. Keep up with the practice wherever you move. Hoping to have a video/youtube version of the Practice soon . Thank you, Doug! See you this week. ~Sanjyot

Shirin, Irvine, California

Awesome website! and a great enterprise. Having had the previlege of knowing you and seeing you handle yourself with dignity and strength to the many hardships and twists destiny had placed in your way…and coming away from it all with such a positive attitude and learning…is a testimony that this works! Wishing you success. May you continue staying positive, radiant and beautiful and share it with others. Love,Shirin

Thank you, Shirin for the praise and the kind words. Like I say “Proof is in the Practice” It works. It helps us to rise above the stark duality that life presents and live a healthy purposeful life in the meanwhile ~Sanjyot Lupo

Vandana, Walpole, MA

Beautiful Sanjyot! Love the commitment to Pranayaama and dedication to self and the world alike. Your radiance reflects in your efforts. I am blown away at your speed and thought. As always, such a delight to be in touch with you, one way or next…Peace, Vandana

Circle in a circle, on and on until we reach where we all belong and/or came from, The Very Center; for that we have to leap though..:) Hugs & Love to you too, Vandana. -Sanjyot

Lisa Rieter. NH

Sanjyot will guide you through the Pranayama-A technique truly bringing healing to both mind and body. I encourage anyone looking for peace of mind, happiness, health and courage to join us on this journey. Results speak for themself. Stillness power

Lisa, thank you for sharing. See you on soon at the class.

Vidyut Mumbai, India

hose flowers, Godcreated, pure, selfless, giving and we humans create fear, selfishness, distance from nature and proximity to material
pleasures.However we are still seeking tranquility which can only come when we touch our inner core through pranayam and yoga.

How true… Different flowers symbolise different things,some being awakening of consciousness, beauty, peace, purity etc.. Look around and nature tells a story to be read and understood deeply; Secretly it answers a lot of our questions. But the ability to listen comes to some naturally for others mostly it is through practices like Pranayama and Yoga; Ultimately to listen to anything one has to have inner peace… -Sanjyot

Kris Chatterjee 

Sanjyot is an insightful and very intelligent professional. As a manager, she is encouraging, fun to work with and has a natural motivational style that enables her to mentor cross-functional teams to success. An expert at multitasking, she is on top of the multitude of projects that she manages. She consistently displays an in-depth understanding of the tactical, technical and strategic details, required to effectively complete projects on time and within budget. She has an innate ability to foster collaborative environments and welcomes new ways of solving problems, while evaluating all potential solutions from the bottom-line perspective. Soon after meeting Sanjyot, it became obvious that her incredible enthusiasm, terrific networking skills and leadership qualities are some of her greatest assets.

Thank you, Kris for your glowing words. It is very kind and generous of you . We did meet in different professional context, I do appreciate your feedback especially with what Stillness Power is about to offer very soon  :)!!! Yes, I see this  Practice coming into work places and being extremely beneficial to employees, who often accumulate their stress to the point of breakdown due to lack of time. So thank you and I am excited to offer some specially designed, time efficient  programs onsite for the corporate world, where I have had much direct work experience. ~Sanjyot Lupo

Jai Prakash Sharma

Great. Amazing. Divine page. Highly appreciable and praise worthy. With all regards.

Thank you, Jai Prakash Sharma!! I may take no credit for this. It is being done by The ONE, who wants it to be done 🙂. I still appreciate your your encouragement. Happy to meet you!! Thank you again. ~Sanjyot Lupo


It is inspiring to see individuals such as yourself who are truly giving back to the community and guiding our future generation through positive work. Congratulations and continue the wonderful work!


Sanjyot finally saw your logo and think your website is great. Keep it up !

Thank you!!! ~Sanjyot Lupo


Your feedback is appreciated... Thank you! -Sanjyot Lupo

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