Peace is the True nature of our Soul. However, we lose it just by living life often polluted by Ignorance. It is possible to get to this Peaceful state through the Stillness of the mind by doing things that bring us Joy. Ancient tools like Pranayama, Meditation and such practices help tremendously in achieving this True nature of our Soul.
Knowing that mind can be expansive, this page presents collaborated efforts of peaceful states of minds of many Artists across the world. Ideally we all would like to have this state eternally. However, that journey is a work in progress for most of us. In the meanwhile we hope to hold on to the thoughts and images that have been captured in that very peaceful or peace seeking state of minds of the participating Artists .These Artists have worked independently in capturing the essence simply by being in harmony with Nature. Stillness Power further put words out there capturing the thoughts that come to mind in the moment when the image captured by an artist is viewed. It is for most part a very meditative process. It is very possible that the Artist capturing the image could have had a different thought or perspective in mind. Nevertheless it is interesting to see which thought comes to the top of the stack of the mind when the image is viewed. This whole process can be very liberating, therapeutically as well spiritually for all people involved including the final audience, mainly FANs like you. In the end it allows us to take that journey to go deeper into your Soul, our True Being. So be inspired by the Creation, Imagination, Experience and Connections we all make here at this page. Hoping you ENJOY this PAGE and SHARE it with OTHERS, so we can continue to spread PEACE and WELL-BEING in the world. Thank you so much for visiting.

Your feedback is appreciated... Thank you! -Sanjyot Lupo

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