Descended to Ascend…I watch you descend. Your dark spots on the golden shine remind starkly…

Descend“WILD WONDERS” series Image by : gkpixels

Descended to Ascend

 I watch you descend.
Your dark spots on the golden shine
remind starkly
of life’s duality.
As I lie below,
your graceful gesture captivates my gaze.
First you channel
the strength straight from the Higher,
helping to stand up;
then you reveal
in your silent move,
the Stealth,
much needed to survive,
and above all you impart
the keenest vision
to see even in the dark,
to reach where most cannot,
to rise in the right otherwise impossible
without those illuminating solitude hours
of contemplation of the why and the why-not’s,
understanding of the have and the have-nots,
both needed to heal and grow,
into that soft Golden Glow…

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A Kestrel in the wind… Realizing the rhythm in the Cosmos…

kestrelA Kestrel in the wind

Realizing the rhythm in the Cosmos,

With expanding visions,

And higher thoughts,

Learning to act upon or not,

Constantly balancing,

The mind and the heart,

To seize the challenge

Of a chance or a plan,

With speed and clarity

Like a Kestrel in the wind.

An arrow ultimately aimed

Towards the unknown,

To seek the Truth that is,

And to be reached!

~Sanjyot Lupo