STILLNESS POWER™ Yoga Practice takes you beyond your body. It will take you to the place of Stillness of the Mind even if you have never been there before. This in turn is Power to you. Spirit shall be your driving force for life Tough times shall be better managed Inner Peace shall be achievedContinue reading “What is STILLNESS POWER™ Yoga”

Stillness Power – Healing the community through ancient science…

I need Pranayama-A technique that uses Conscious mind to enter the realm of Higher Consciousness; this results in Higher control over the Conscious mind which we ultimately need in life. Pranayama is one of the Paths. Practice with Surrender & Prayerfulness… “Through Pranayama comes Poise, For it awakens true Potential. Through Pranayama comesPatience, For it uncovers inner calm. Through PranayamaContinue reading “Stillness Power – Healing the community through ancient science…”