At this time we do not have Drop-In classes. The first trial class is $16 after which you have to buy 3/6/8/10/12  Group Class package; If you miss a class or more, you required to notify Stillness Power via email/phone of the cancellation and you can sign up for a makeup class/es within 90 days;

Please note that you are limited to 2 makeup classes in any pre-paid Group Class Package for > 8 or greater  # of Classes. So choose your packages appropriately. At this time no makeup classes offered for packages < 8 classes purchased.

Cancellation Policy
In consideration of the time we have set aside for your class, please give 24 hour’s notice if you cannot attend the prepaid class via phone, text, email Failure to do so may result in paying for that class.
No refunds please!

Thank you for your understanding.

Consent Form to be signed before attending a first Group Class.

PS: stillnesspower.com  also helps in raising funds; holds charity events for numerous causes…

~Stillness Power reserves the right to change the pricing and/or policies without notice.

Your feedback is appreciated... Thank you! -Sanjyot Lupo

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