Good Food Before Lunch

“Good Food Before Lunch” Join Us

At our Westford, MA 01886. Call to register 978.272.1339 or email

lunch 12:15pm to 12.45 (Mon thru Thurs) for Stress Breaker Series.

Also Special Evening Stress Breaker45 Class On Thursday 7:30pm  to 8.15pm.

Stress Breaker is an unique Wholistic Fitness 30 minute class series for Body, Mind and Spirit that shall make your LUNCH TIME more WHOLESOME!!!!

Research shows what mind/body techniques used in Stress Breaker will do for you :

  • You Shall Stretch Your Body and Mind Reaching For  “The Stillness Of  The Mind”.
  • You Shall Learn To Breath In And Out In A Specific Way To Energize and DeStress.
  • You Shall Leave The Class Recharged, Relaxed And Having Done The Right Nurturing In A More Lasting Way.
  • You Shall Have A Better Relaxation Response Helping You To Deal With The Rest Of The Day and Days Beyond. (Relaxation Response is a term coined by Dr Hebert Benson, Cardiologist and a Founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute. )

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A Stress breaker™ program is based on the principle of the workings of a circuit breaker and the fact that we are controlled by vital energy force called “Prana” in Sanskrit or “Chi” in Chinese. PRANA or Chi is the life’s vital force that electrifies or powers us. Hence, well-being lies in letting this energy in us flow freely. Ancient practices like yoga help to channel proper flow of this energy, while STRESS disturbs the very same flow. This program is primarily designed to help people in the corporate and similar settings. It protects them from the damage caused by stress overload, which directly impacts this Prana or Chi flow. Further, just like a circuit breaker, it also intervenes and restores the optimized functioning of the mind and body. Hence, it is indeed a potential tool to control the damage caused by stress, bringing an overall well-being in the individual.

Here’s the participation cost :

$12/class for pack of 20 $240

$13/class for pack of 10 $130

$14/class for pack of  5  $70

$15/class for pack of   3 $45

Registration will be required for all the packs (Mandatory : 15 min introductory session

attendance prior to participation included in the first class of 30 min duration, which is free of cost :). So the first class has a 45 min duration)

Your feedback is appreciated... Thank you! -Sanjyot Lupo

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