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The ESSENCE of this POSTURE which resembles an INDIAN PLOW is that ONE should use this given BODY and MIND to PLOUGH through these earthly life ISSUES, freeing, and opening it to HEALING. ~Sanjyot Lupo

We just have to PLOUGH through OUR PROBLEMS; they cannot be ESCAPED.  ~Sanjyot Lupo


• Stimulates your thyroid, parathyroid, throat, lungs and abdominal organs

• Stretches all muscles and ligament in your calves and thighs, resulting in greater leg flexibility
• Therapeutic for leg cramps
• Helps relieve gas and upper/lower back pain or discomfort
• Promotes good digestion
• Stretches your shoulders and spine
• Therapeutic for menopause, menstrual cycles, infertility, insomnia, headache and sinusitis
• Relieves stress and fatigue

WARNING : Consult your PHYSICIAN before starting any exercise program.

Image by : Jr Lupo
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dhyaanmomentsDHANURASANA or BOW POSTURE AIMED  The ESSENCE of this POSTURE is REALLY about making PROGRESS, whatever that may be, a  GOAL in LIFE with continued ATTEMPTS (DHARNA meaning trying to focus on a GOAL);  so one finds EFFORTLESSNESS…a DHYAAN in this action of attempts itself.(DHYAAN meaning Meditative or effortlessness  in  Sanskrit) in the end becoming that PROGRESS. The KEY is in the TRYING, LEA…RNING the HOW and above all KEEPING an EYE on the GOAL. When LIFE itself becomes a DHARNA, then one shall find DHYAAN in the LIVING MOMENTS . ~Sanjyot Lupo Some of the Benefits of this Posture : •Improves Concentration •Increases strength and flexibility along the entire length of the spine •Stretches the neck, shoulders, arms and legs •Combines the benefits of the cobra and the locust postures •Massages the digestive organs, relieving constipation •Improves digestion •Increases the appetite •Helps regulate the pancreas and is recommended for people with diabetes •Expands the thoracic region of the chest •Helps alleviate hunchback WARNING : Consult your PHYSICIAN before starting any exercise program. Image by : Jr Lupo   Please LIKE & SHARE below pages which make the above inspiration possible   Words by :

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“When I say, “I love you,” it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman.” ~Joss Whedon


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Miss Massachusetts visits OM Studio Central in chelmsford, MA Feb 28th 2018

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Miss Massachusetts  USA

Miss Massachusetts US visits Om Studio Central – Serve Yoga, Aerial Yoga Bollywood, Zumba

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Miss Massachusetts USA

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Thank you Mother for showing up at Om even on a stormy day like today! A space inspired by Stillness Power®Yoga

Even on a day when nobody could make it, you showed up at Om Studio!
OM studio is centrally located in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. The space is located in an ancient mill building about 130 years old. Even today it exudes the great vibrations of the hard work and dedication of the mill workers then and also of the workers now, including the teachers at OM.

Structurally the space is flowing with warmth of original hardwood floors stained, scratched and even gouged by whatever happened in the past, bringing a touch of history to life. The welcoming openness is reflected by row of mirrors as it opens up on one side to very large, four  windowed wall, facing east bringing the morning-glory of the rising sun. On the opposite side there is a mural on the wall displaying a beach view, a labor of love by a yoga student, who thought it would be especially warm and inviting scene during the cold and frigid winter months. Talking about inviting, when you are in the studio, you absolutely cannot miss the view of the Merrimack river surrounded by the very old trees and the charm of the railway track running parallel to it. The running water is quite a delightful sight quenching the thirst of those seeking eyes.

Whether it is blissful yoga or playful Bollywood dancing, a session of energizing Zumba, soulful Belly dancing, ancient african art of drumming, even the adventure of aerial yoga with vibrant silk, it is all an extraordinary experience because Mother Nature always shows up. The time of the day does not matter. In the daylight, She is more glaring through the generous sizes of the windows, however in the evenings She peeks in more subtly. As such the evenings are warm as they are lit not only by the colorful aromatic candles/oils, genuine smiles and laughter of the people, but also by the presence of silvery moonlight, the distant stars and occasionally closely passing by of the cargo train; the nostalgic sound of the train whistles you further home.

Sometimes even more special evenings happen, when those highly recommended meditation by the full moon become a wondrous reality. So when people notice the beauty of this sacred space and feel the love and the joy, you know the credit goes to Her; when She, mother nature is in charge and has decided to be very present with her divine fresh air, crunchy earth, changing skies and age-old trees, then it becomes a perfect blend of elements for the best “Pick me up” you can have for your whole being; it is a mind, body and spirit union.

The great message is that it is all Yoga, meaning uniting with the Greater, all of it, the dance, the music, everything that happens in Her, the exploring of the self in the great presence, in the awareness. After all connection with mother nature, allows deeper connection with self, which further allows you to connect with others deeply, knowingly or unknowingly, which is all part of the process of discovery, healing and well-being. Yes, agreed, our talented teachers are happy and work very hard to serve their very best, but in the end the lover of nature knows the power of Her magical ability, which is within all of us. Such is the great energy of Her expansiveness, pouring in for us to notice, access and bring it with us wherever we go; always filling us with love and gratitude.

Thank you🙏 mother for always showing up at Om even on a stormy day like today.