dhyaanmomentsDHANURASANA or BOW POSTURE AIMED  The ESSENCE of this POSTURE is REALLY about making PROGRESS, whatever that may be, a  GOAL in LIFE with continued ATTEMPTS (DHARNA meaning trying to focus on a GOAL);  so one finds EFFORTLESSNESS…a DHYAAN in this action of attempts itself.(DHYAAN meaning Meditative or effortlessness  in  Sanskrit) in the end becoming that PROGRESS. The KEY is in the TRYING, LEA…RNING the HOW and above all KEEPING an EYE on the GOAL. When LIFE itself becomes a DHARNA, then one shall find DHYAAN in the LIVING MOMENTS . ~Sanjyot Lupo Some of the Benefits of this Posture : •Improves Concentration •Increases strength and flexibility along the entire length of the spine •Stretches the neck, shoulders, arms and legs •Combines the benefits of the cobra and the locust postures •Massages the digestive organs, relieving constipation •Improves digestion •Increases the appetite •Helps regulate the pancreas and is recommended for people with diabetes •Expands the thoracic region of the chest •Helps alleviate hunchback WARNING : Consult your PHYSICIAN before starting any exercise program. Image by : Jr Lupo   Please LIKE & SHARE below pages which make the above inspiration possible   Words by : http://www.facebook.com/StillnessPowerBySanjyot

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