True enthusiasm is enthralling and welcoming! ~Sanjyot Lupo

“Birds at their Best” series by Image by : gkpixels True enthusiasm is enthralling enthralling and welcoming! ~ Sanjyot Lupo

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I am following my calling and there is nothing more to it :)!

One thought on “True enthusiasm is enthralling and welcoming! ~Sanjyot Lupo

  1. Daily new

    Love is not what you expect
    But gained from an act
    That coutns as selfless
    And brings tremendous joy on face

    What do I care for?
    Why do I feel soar?
    Nothing to gain from selfish people
    Only I have so struggle

    I look at sky
    And certainly try
    For my catch on ground
    The eel hunger is found

    Love has its vastness
    With full trace
    That vies inside
    I think it seriously and decide

    Even though I may be called “Kingfisher”
    But that is essential for my hungry
    I must catch my pry
    Look at sky and try

    I go for hunt
    And bear the brunt
    People call me real cheater
    But I am loner

    I stand on one foot
    Look inside water and feel fit
    All the times I remain on alert
    With daily new hunt to start

    This is life
    And we walk on sharp edge of knife
    Daily new challenges
    With strong resolve to manage

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